Top 10 reasons why you should visit Argentina

1. cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires exists here, which gave the world Argentine Tango
2.peninsula Valdes, which includes a wide variety of fauna and flora, including huge southern whales
3.milioanele thousands of penguins and whales off the coast of Patagonia say that Argentina is the most European country in america
5. includes “the farthest corner of the earth”, Tierra del Fuego (land of fire)
6.Pampasul heart Argentine territory
7. journey through geological time in Quebrada of Humahuaca (Humahuaca gorge)
8.tulburatorul Moreno glacier, known for its cyclical movements (glacier advances and retracts constant)
9. famous wine region of Mendoza
10. just because you thrill amateur :-))


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