Problema 9

Orasul din Romania aflat la cea mai mare inaltime, de 1100 de metri, este:

a) Predeal

b) Sinaia

c) Brasov

d) Resita


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  1. How can I post a problem that you can see first without showing in your blog? Don’t you have a e-mail attached to this website?

  2. I tried to send it to your e-mail but it did not work. So, for now I will post it as an answer and you figure it out where you want me to send it next time.
    Here we go!!!
    You are presented with 10 barrels each full of small, round pellets. By looking at the pellets you cannot see or feel any difference between one barrel’s pellets and the next barrel’s pellets.
    You are also told that 9 of the barrels contain 1 gram pellets and 1 of the barrels contain 2 gram pellets.
    Here is the bummer! Each barrel contains over 2 million pellets so they are way too heavy to push around to find out witch one is lighter or heavier.
    Here it comes the question:
    You have 10 minutes and a 5 pound scale to figure out witch barrel has the 2 gram pellets!
    And you can only used once!!!
    Good luck!!!

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