A terrifying discovery

The sky was totally black.  Just some scared stars were talking about the King Sun. His presence was gone from three years. Their souls were distroyed. The good feelings or any other peaceful thing was gone. “But what is happening?” said a little star just borned. The other stars said to her in a low voice that to ask things like that is not good. In that moment the little star wanted to unravel that twisted mystery.

She started by searching some books about detectives from the area and their missions. Some of thet books were blank but others were written with blood and other strange prints. In one of them found out that The Moon, who was in war with The King Sun, put a silver storm over The  Sun and imprisoned him, in her terrible prison.

Then our heroine made her baggage without forgetting anything and began the journey to the castle of the moon. On her way she met a new constellation who said to her that The Moon is the most powerful empire star in the sky.

Said and done. Our little was just in front o the a huge ice castle when she was captured frome some of  The Queen’s bodyguards. They took her into a tight cell where she was a bit confused because there was hot, but the castle was made of  ice. Then she thaught that maybe only in the cells was hot. And she was right. So she deduced that the Moon couldn’t resist at a high temperature. “That’s why she apperars just at night!” thaught the star.

Consequently she focused and tryed to use her powers. Calmly she began to create some fire which she moved through all the walls up to in the throne room and after two seconds The Queen Moon was ascended to sky.

After that, the little star became a legend and The King Sun was rescued.


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