Moving underground

Human beings are the masterpieces of this world, but what they would be without a place to  live, a place that gives them all the resources and all the help they need to grow, to develop technology and to evolve? This place is known as the environment. When we speak about the environment we speak about nature. Unfortunately the nature is damaged by pollution, majore climate changes, which brings me to suggest that we should live underground.

Firstly a house like this will reduce the heating bills, and implicitly the consumption of energy. Thinking about summer the ground mantains the place breezy and refreshing. On the other hand winter preserves the warmth as so we don’t need any more the old stove or any other heating sources.

Moreover the earth-sheltered homes make available larger surfaces for agricultural activities.  This way every family could have its own green space which would provide healthy fruits and vegetables. Also the household waste could work as a natural fertilizer for the soil, in order to reduce the pollution.

Furthermore, another advantage would be a small photovoltaic park connected with the house, and maybe a wind station to substitute the houses on the surface on the earth.

To conclude, this is a way to establish a connection between the human race and the environment, offering both of them best opportunities.


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