Problema 6

M-am gandit sa public o problema de matematica si perspicacitate in acelasi timp. Daca pentru rezolvarea problemei va trebuie mai mult de 5 minute inseamna ca mai aveti de lucru pe la matematica 🙂

Un elev participa la un concurs de matematica. Are de rezolvat 15 probleme. Pentru fiecare problema primeste 8 puncte. Pentru fiecare problema nerezolvata se scad 10 puncte. Dupa corectarea lucrarii obtine 70 puncte. Cate probleme a rezolvat corect ?

ERATA: Pentru fiecare problema nerezolvata se scad 2 puncte.

to John Smith: You are right, it was a mistake in the text. Excuse me !

pentru Madalina: Problema a fost publicata cu o eroare. Scuza-ma te rog !

to Janet Jackson: It was a mistake in the text. It hasn’t a right answer as was published. Excuse me !


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  1. He solved ten problems out of fifteen!
    I’m I right?
    And let me explain why!
    Each solved problem is worth 8 points so total for all of them is 120 points ( 15*8=120 ).
    The final score was 70 points.
    50/10(the penalty for a unsolved problem)=5 unsolved problems!!!
    Did I get it right???

  2. Actually I’m wrong and I did it on purpose as a set up! Hi, hi, hi!!!
    The correct answer is: It’s a trick question! According with the algorithm it’s impossible to gain 70 points. It’s either 84 points for 13 correct answers or 66 points for 12 correct answers.
    Anybody can explain why???

  3. Sorry Madalina, but your answer is wrong!
    And I will explain why!
    You said that he solved only ten problems, right?
    If that’s the case he only earned 80 points!
    10 problems solved x 8 points = 80 points
    But let’s not forget that he also loses 10 points
    for for each unsolved problem.
    5 problems unsolved x 10 points = 50 points
    So,if you do the math all the way to the end…
    the fact is he only earned a total of 30 points not 70!!!

  4. Monii!!, e scrisa corect problema?Nu e vre-o greasela pe undeva???Te intreb pentru ca eu cred akum,ca nu exista raspuns corect la aceasta problema.

  5. daca probl ar fi corecte
    diferenta intre punctele maxim si cal real
    punctuaj luat
    8+10= 18
    probl gresite

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