My friend

Hi! My name in Dodo and, I am a capucin monkey. My owner is Monica, she is also my best friend.

Every day we play in the garden and when it rines we play at home. She is very much like me because she is very playful and she loves bananas. When she makes the homeworcks I stay very quaietly. Then Monica plays with me. Monica lives with her parents in a big house with a beautiful garden with a lot of trees. We have a lot of fun climbing the trees. Monica’s parents make jokes sometimes and call her, Dodo.

I like my owner and I don’t change her for anything.


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  1. foarte frumoasa cumpunerea cu maimutica .. si foarte inspirata si ideea . continua tot asa .. ador compunerile tare >:D< :* ne vedem la scoala si bafta la teste 🙂

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