Merry Christmas to all of you

Today is the Christmas! All you need is to be happy and to think positive. The birth of Jesus simbolizes the importance of human beings and a reason for all of us to be more kind, more faithful.

The legend tells that long time ago there was an old man who was making toys and selling them very cheap in the fair. One day, at Christmas, when he was returning from the fair he saw at the window of a house three children who didn’t received anything. So the old man had looked in his bag and he had seen that he had sold all the toys made. In that moment the magic of the Christmas had made to appear a little toy at the bottom of the barrel. In that way he made happy that kids. Then he had wished to make happy all the children on the Planet. So, he became  Santa Clause.

On this ocasion I wish you a Merry Christmas and each of you to receive all you want from Santa Clause.

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