Failing to plan is planning to fail

This game of words says a lot of things, but also sounds very trivial. The first impression after reading these words is: “Oh … I might say such a phrase.” Revolting, indeed! If it was so simple, why didn’t you been told it?
Could be told in another form (the error was committed because the plans were wrong) so the thought! Thus,evry thing did wrong, has a foundation! A real life example could be: QUESTION: Why I took marck “x” (in fact, a small note) for Baccalaureate? ANSWER: Because in all previous years you have not learned anything! (in another other of words the plans were wrong, or they never existed).
Like poisons, some wrong plans, from which you had lost are follow consciousness for all your life. Appear to mind questions like “Maybe I’ll could more?” “But if I did so …?”, “If I did … do not change anything?” And consolations that worsen the situation: “Any way it fas his fault!” “What matter? Let’s look at the future.” Why should not deny it, but let’s face it! So, I lost a project that I would be rich! Sadness, suffering .. so. But finally acknowledge and move on: “this is the mistakes we learn, will be more thorough next time!”
Winston Churchill, who said this phrase very smart, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. This means that he lived a somewhat carefree life. As it says, “Rich is not one that has a lot, rich is the one who needs a few”, this man wasn’t very rich, but he knew how to live life in an optimistic mode but not sloppy.


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