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Young and happy, or young and rich?

Life is not like math, because life is real, math is abstract. So not all can be reduced to absurd. In this case, absurd is the money that influence our lives crucially.

Who is happier, the father or the son? The father remains sad despite his richness, while the son never complains. Obviously the father should try a less pessimistic attitude and learn from his son the art of enjoying life, because rich is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the less.

A parent could also learn from his child a different point of view of the actual society. Although apparently the parent has overcome the experiences of the youth, the truth is that the parent lived at different parameters. Therefore, even if the father already lived the age of 25, he could make a short trip back through his child, too learn that there is a significand difference between earning money and doing what you love most, which essentially reduces at the difference between sadness and happiness.

If you like what you do, you will never feel like working a day in your life. The son sees his job as a pleasure, compared to his father who is not nearly as happy as him. The lesson that all adults should learn is that a perfect life comes when you follow your passions without expecting a certain amount of money in exchange.

Moving underground

Human beings are the masterpieces of this world, but what they would be without a place to  live, a place that gives them all the resources and all the help they need to grow, to develop technology and to evolve? This place is known as the environment. When we speak about the environment we speak about nature. Unfortunately the nature is damaged by pollution, majore climate changes, which brings me to suggest that we should live underground.

Firstly a house like this will reduce the heating bills, and implicitly the consumption of energy. Thinking about summer the ground mantains the place breezy and refreshing. On the other hand winter preserves the warmth as so we don’t need any more the old stove or any other heating sources.

Moreover the earth-sheltered homes make available larger surfaces for agricultural activities.  This way every family could have its own green space which would provide healthy fruits and vegetables. Also the household waste could work as a natural fertilizer for the soil, in order to reduce the pollution.

Furthermore, another advantage would be a small photovoltaic park connected with the house, and maybe a wind station to substitute the houses on the surface on the earth.

To conclude, this is a way to establish a connection between the human race and the environment, offering both of them best opportunities.


Aceasta este o provocare ce are ca scop promovarea tarii noastre peste hotare.  Protagonistul ei este un american pe care va trebui sa il convingem in nu mai putin de 14 zile ca Romania este un loc unic pe care oricine ar trebui sa il aiba bifat pe lista tarilor vizitate. Asadar in calitate de turist, ipotetic sau nu, te invit, draga cititorule sa faci quiz-ul acesta spre a-ti descoperi un posibil plan de calatorie prin Romania noastra.

#roundTripRomania este un eveniment organizat de agenţia de turism, în colaborare cu Kooperativa 2.0

Inca un suflet s-a intors unde ii este locul...

Soarta nu este controlabila; nu a fost si nu va fi. Se spune ca fiecare are un rol bine stabilit cat traieste. Din pacate, bunica mea s-a stins din viata diminica seara. De-a lungul timpului am trait momente de neuitat impreuna. Imi voi aminti mereu cum, atunci cand eram mica, imi spunea orice poveste voiam sa aud si desenam impreuna personaje celebre. Mai apoi, cand am inceput sa merg la scoala, intotdeauna o sunam inainte de o lucrare dificila, ea reprezentand izvorul norocului meu. De asemenea, mamaie facea cei mai buni cartofi prajiti de pe planeta si cele mai dulci gogosi, alaturi de mine. Prima oara la biserica am fost de mana cu ea, iar „Inger, Ingerasul meu” este rugaciunea pe care de fiecare data cand ne vedeam ma ruga „sa i-o aduc aminte”.

Acum traiesc doar cu aceste amintiri frumoase si cu gandul la norocul pe care mi-l va purta mereu. Dumnezeu s-o odihneasca in pace!